Between Meals Podcast // Bites Episode 05: How Do You Stay Motivated?


Between Meals // Bites Episode 05 we are chatting all about Motivation, Priorities and First Steps. Motivation is defined as your general desire or willingness to do something. Based on your feedback and requests on these topics, we pulled together a series of three mini BITES episodes and this first episode is ALL about MOTIVATION.

I have to be honest, it was a bit of a challenge in some ways for me to wrap my brain around what I wanted to share and communicate with you all on this idea. Motivation is an interesting and pretty huge topic. There are some areas of my life personally, like my health, nutrition and fitness, (which are the areas that most of you asked about) where motivation doesn’t exactly feel like a factor at this point. I have a lifestyle built on a series of choices I have made and continue to make and habits I have formed and implement.

That’s not to say motivation never played a role, but I am so deeply invested in and the habits are so rooted, for many of these things, it rarely feels like there is a reliance to get motivated or a need to find it. There's not ever a negotiation, it’s just what I do.  

So, I had to really sit with it all and look back at where I started, to truly wrap my brain around what I could share with you all, but I also spent some time investigating the areas of my life where I maybe DO struggle with the motivation and I took a look at the steps necessary for prioritizing the things I really and truly want.

I am excited about this series and I am also really looking forward to hearing from all of you on what resonates with you, what you still struggle with and to keep the dialogue flowing.

Don’t forget, head back to the archives, for more conversations similar to this, like Episode 02 we talk about finding our WHY, Bites Episode 04 we talk about Shoulding All over Yourself and even within the bites business mastermind series we have plenty of discussions surrounding perfectionism and comparison that pertains to this conversation, too.


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