Between Meals Podcast // Bites Episode 07: How Do You Get Started?


Between Meals // Bites Episode 07 is the final in the 3-part series all about Motivation, Priorities and Small Steps. Based on your feedback and requests on these topics, we pulled together this series that I am so excited to share with you all.

In the first episode we talked specifically about motivation, what exactly that means and some ideas on how to critically investigate what you are doing that IS working and what you are doing that IS NOT working, so you can have some clarity in the process of getting to whatever it is that you seek for yourself and have an understanding of what exactly is acting as a barrier. In the second episode we talk all about priorities and making time so there is less pressure on seeking external motivation and needing willpower and there is more focus on creating systems and a process. It's about creating habits that can one day be effortless, no negotiations needed.

After the checks and balances of the first two episodes, in this final episode we are chatting all about small steps and just diving in and getting started! All it takes is one small step. One step is action and action is momentum and this is what creates movement, shifts and change.

We are talking about the small steps, just doing a little something. Not always focusing on results or goals and instead creating habits.





Don’t forget, be sure to listen to the first two part in this series Part One: How Do You Stay Motivated? and Part Two: How Do You Make Time for It? and head back to the archives, for more conversations similar to this, like Episode 02 we talk about finding our WHY, Bites Episode 04 we talk about Shoulding All over Yourself and even within the Bites Business Mastermind Series we have plenty of discussions surrounding perfectionism and comparison that pertains to this conversation, too.

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