Classic Green Smarter Smoothie {Keto, Paleo, Vegan-option} + Video

My Classic Green Smarter Smoothie is a blood sugar balancing meal replacement shake that gives you enough protein, fat and fiber to keep you full for hours on end and it's loaded with so much goodness.

Classic Green Smarter Smoothie

Classic Green Smarter Smoothie

In case you missed it over on Instagram, I am calling this week Smoothtember Week and it's a full week all about the Smarter Smoothies. In addition to sharing the brand new video for my Smarter Smoothies formula, this week I will be sharing three of my personal, MOST favorite Smarter Smoothie recipes. These are my classic go-to smarter smoothies!

First up, I am sharing my Classic Green Smarter Smoothie. This is my go-to when I want a vibrant green smoothie, loaded with all the good stuff!

I often notice that folks' (and especially smoothie and juice shops) their Green Smoothies have so much sugary fruit that while they taste so freakin' amazing, if you take a look at what's in there, you are consuming an incredible amount of sugar in one sitting. Oh and newsflash, it's liquified, so there's no chewing, there's no slowing things down, it's just a straight mainlined shot of sugar (fructose) to the liver.

Yes, I know that sugar from fruit isn't exactly the same as sugar, it's not refined. It's not manmade.

And let me just stop you... absolutely I am 100% aware that fruit has tons of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and loads of benefits – totally! Great, yes, it's better than a candy bar in that way. But, when we are strictly talking about blood sugar, blood sugar hormones, hunger hormones and all that other stuff going on inside out body, sugar is sugar is sugar. Sorry, but that's the truth. Want some frui? Eat one single whole piece of in-season fruit, with the fiber in tact. Chew it. Enjoy it. But, it's best to keep the fruits in your smoothie, to a minimum.

The main reason I care so much when it comes to meal replacement smoothies , is when you craft that Green Smoothie with a ton of sugar, and you aren't cognizant of the protein or fat that you include, this is why you are hungry in about an hour, reaching for more stuff to give you a quick hit of energy and next thing you know, before lunch you've blasted through a ton of calories, sugar and you're still tired and not satiated.Read more here about the importance of building your meals smarter for a day of lasting energy, so you can avoid that afternoon crash.

This is where my Smarter Smoothies formula comes in super handy. If every meal-replacement smoothie that you create has adequate protein, fat and fiber, if you make sure you are getting loads of nutrients from leafy greens, veggies and herbs and you add those crunchies on top, so your digestion is working at it's full potential – you will always be getting everything you need! The fruit and those bonuses/boosts we talk about in the Smarter Smoothies post, those are extras – have fun with those, but don't make the fruit the shining star!



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