Healing Golden Bone Broth Latte

This Healing Golden Bone Broth Latte is an inflammation-fighting, immune system boosting, super drink and it's full of comforting, healthful goodness! 

Healing Golden Bone Broth Latte

Healing Golden Bone Broth Latte

Part of living life to it’s fullest and getting out there to travel and experience the world – is being exposed to things. Foods, illnesses, germs, bacteria, toxins – it can definitely take it’s toll on your immune system. I am proud that despite having several autoimmune diseases, my tireless work to maintain my health and vitality, along with how I’ve worked hard train my immune system and it’s little warriors to do their job and do it well – it’s all working! I feel great, I beat illnesses swiftly, if they do take hold and I am not knocked on my ass with every little life shift, stress or travel – which, truthfully, is basically what the majority of the first 30 years of my life was all about. The fight of one illness right to another, bronchitis, swine flu, respiratory infections, every stomach virus or flu around, I had chronic allergies and all the other usual signs of a compromised immune system.

(From September '17) I can always tell, with loads of travel and eating a bit differently that I traditionally would at home when I am on the road, later nights and longer days – that I have definitely asked a lot of my little immune system army in a short amount of time. And while they’ve been keeping up with their end of the deal to keep me well, I can certainly feel that my body is definitely working overtime right now to keep it that way. I love that I can chill and know that all of my hard work protecting my immune system was important and now I sit back and let it do it's work.


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