Paleo Baklava Shortbread Cookie Bars {Gluten-free}

A twist on traditional baklava these Paleo Baklava Shortbread Cookie Bars bring the classic flavors of this popular Greek pastry, I grew up on without flour or gluten. Luscious butter, comforting, aromatic spices, a hint of citrus, a blend of spiced nuts and a sweet honey syrup. Mmmmmm! 

Paleo Baklava Shortbread Cookie Bars
Paleo Baklava Shortbread Cookie Bars
I am sorry, I have been holding onto this recipe for sometime now. I usually work several months out on my content, I create and test recipes several times over to get them right, then I make them for the final shoot, I style the food, shoot and edit all the photos, I write up the post and recipe and put it into the content calendar.  I move my content around to keep it fresh, I base it on what's in season, holidays and what you all are wanting most. For me, baked goods aren't always a priority, I don't love to bake and I don't generally care about sweets so the baked goods always get pushed down in the queue.

I created the recipe for these Paleo Baklava Shortbread Cookie Bars after a trip back home to Buffalo to see my family this past April. My trips home always inspire so many recipe ideas, often new ways to create family or local classics that I didn't even know I missed so much. The day I made this recipe for the very first time, the smell in my kitchen reminded me of home, of my mom and my dad, my Yia Yias. The first bite I took of this Paleo Baklava, I actually cried. A full on dessert-induced cry.


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