Sacred Self Care Guide for August 2018

Rising River Wisdom SchoolSacred Self Care Guide for July 2018 from Rising River Wisdom School

In all the worlds’ mythology and culture, there have been wisdom keepers, those who looked to the natural and the hidden worlds as a guide for life on earth. Within these seekers are stargazers, who ascribe meaning to the “stars” and their movements through the solar system.

 Though Earth’s Moon is no star, it reflects the brightest light we can see in the night sky. Its phases are a part of human consciousness, and its movements affect systems on earth and sea. When we align our activities to the Moon’s cycles we find a greater connection to both our bodies and intuitive wisdom. Read on for some self care wisdom inspired by the new moon. 

Rising River Wisdom School is an immersive program for those looking to step into their own power and carry wisdom for themselves and the world around them. Below you will find some Sacred Self Care insight for August from Rising River Wisdom School’s incredible teachers – we’ve got you covered for setting intentions with the upcoming new moon, to seeking insight from animal guides, plant medicine to oracle readings, plus lots of guidance for mindfully navigating the world with your vibrant well-being in focus.

Sacred Self Care Guide for August 2018

New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Leo August 11th 2018 2:57am PDT- By Michelle Prentiss

“ Eclipse of The Heart”

Recently I had a vivid dream that I was dreaming- and I was speaking aloud in the dream about all the planetary retrogrades- and how they are a necessary part of the magical mix of expanded self-awareness, which can be accessed now, at the portal that is the Solar Eclipse in Leo. 

We have had a very bumpy ride energetically this eclipse season and though, there is one more Eclipse left in the Leo/Aquarius cycle (in January 2019), this Saturday is very much a culmination of the themes started last year. 

The Leo/ Aquarius polarity has given us much of their shadow recently. We have seen mis-use of power, arrogance and rampant egoism as well as alienation in groups and communities, chaos, fear and lack of empathy. Experiencing these themes in our lives personally and collectively has given us pause, asking us to heal ourselves and our world by illuminating that which needs to be brought into balance and integrated with love.

This Leo New Moon is conjunct Retrograde Mercury asking us to re-consider the connections we have made recently - Is there a way to review our thoughts or beliefs about themes in our lives? Can we bring heart into Judgment?  Can we see how our thoughts and communication can hurt both others and ourselves?

Can we give ourselves the love and acceptance we need?  

Jupiter squaring the lunation compels us by stating, “ Expand your Awareness and find your TRUTH” 

Asteroid Pallas Athena is also conjunct this New Moon. Considered to have rulership over feminine wisdom, strategy, the ability to perceive over-arching patterns and creative intelligence, her energy bridges the Leo/ Aquarius polarity with a wholistic view and observes the parts of it that do not fit. 

This New Moon there is a tremendous sense of us all on an energetic, internal plateau, which exists in a space between the past and future - as issues/memories/ situations rise up from our personal and collective unconscious and need to be processed.  As you experience this, The KEY to healing/integrating is first bringing your awareness to the present moment and holding space for your heart’s intelligence combined with a wholistic view and flexible mindset. If we don’t see that which we DO NOT want in our lives, we won’t know how/ where to eliminate it from our structures.

The Solar Eclipse is partial and functions a bit like a re-boot on a computer. As we see, through the friction of opposition that we which we do and do not want in our lives, we can have the opportunity for a new start which becomes much more integrated and compassionate, inclusive rather than exclusive, creative and loving – embodying the most evolved aspects of our Leo Archetype.


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