Sacred Self Care Guide for May 2018

Rising River Wisdom SchoolSacred Self Care Guide for April 2018 from Rising River Wisdom School

In all the worlds’ mythology and culture, there have been wisdom keepers, those who looked to the natural and the hidden worlds as a guide for life on earth. Within these seekers are stargazers, who ascribe meaning to the “stars” and their movements through the solar system.

 Though Earth’s Moon is no star, it reflects the brightest light we can see in the night sky. Its phases are a part of human consciousness, and its movements affect systems on earth and sea. When we align our activities to the Moon’s cycles we find a greater connection to both our bodies and intuitive wisdom. Read on for some self care wisdom inspired by the new moon. 

Rising River Wisdom School is an immersive program for those looking to step into their own power and carry wisdom for themselves and the world around them. Below you will find some Sacred Self Care insight for May from Rising River Wisdom School’s incredible teachers – we’ve got you covered for setting intentions with the upcoming new moon, to seeking insight from animal guides and plant medicine plus lots of guidance for mindfully navigating the world with your vibrant well-being in focus.

Sacred Self Care Guide for May 2018

New Moon Wisdom from Michelle Prentiss:

Taurus New Moon 5/15/18 6:47 AM PDT 

Tending our Garden”

A NEW MOON is when the Sun and Moon are co-joined. This month our lunation is in the sign of Taurus and will be joined later in the day by rebel planet Uranus, who will stay in the sign for almost 8 years!  This brings extra emphasis to the new moon’s power in the manifestation process. Expect possible signs of what will be revolutionized collectively and personally over the next years.

Taurus is the sign most closely connected to Earth and it’s resources. It is  the container that allows energy to manifest on the physical plane; it draws the creative spark of Aries into form. It submits instead of subdues, it favors nurturing over destruction and harmonizes with the greater whole.”* 

 Taurus is our sensual world, it’s smells, tastes, and it’s products. 

It is the “green world”, our planet’s gifts and resources.  Taurus is the ecological steward! 

Earth Moons always put us in touch with our physical and sensual body. Going slow, we can experience how our body feels, which may not have been the same as yesterday or how it will be tomorrow. This gives us receptivity to our changing experience and prompts grounded growth through awareness. 

Though we are slow and sensual in this Moon time - we have friction between Mars and Uranus at 29 degrees Capricorn/ Aries.

 The 29th or last degree of any sign is considered to be the critical one - it’s unstable as it changes into a new form. Themes of volatility are present in the flux.

Mercury is conjunct Uranus too - Money and communications may be affected.  This could be in shocking and revealing ways. Venus is strong though-and we can look to her for a key to getting the most out of the intensity. 

 To begin, we plant the seed of intention for everything we want to manifest by getting grounded. Stop and Breathe!  Venus essentially represents the law of attraction and one’s personal pleasure in BEING.  Taurus and Venus are very much about feeling, balance and centering as well as contact with our earthy reality. 

In a Manifestation practice (a VERY Taurean activity) we first pay attention to what we desire, from there we put our will into motion in a step-by-step way, with ritual and activity.

Delve into what you personally need for peace and stability this week - for some it is action and variety and for others quiet harmony. Go within and listen to your body’s wisdom to the find your center.  No matter the changing in our collective (and it will be changing quite a bit more!) this will provide the most sustainable resource of all – a deep well of inner guidance and a foundation of healthy connection to your personal source of equanimity and security. 

Know that you are a magical manifestor! Cultivate the concept, work with law of attraction and watch your garden grow!

Here is a little ritual for connecting to your body on the moon from The Chopra Center:

Exercise: Get Grounded

One powerful way to expand your awareness is to ground yourself in your body. Whenever you feel distracted or triggered by a situation or event, tune into the feelings in your body. For instance, if you receive an unexpected bill and your normal reaction would be to feel angry or anxious, try this simple yoga pose known as Tadasana or Standing Mountain.

1. Begin by standing* with your feet hips width apart, the big toes slightly turned in. Engage your thigh muscles and lift the knee caps.

2. Align your body by having the knees above the ankles, the hips above the knees, the shoulders above the hips, the ears above the shoulders. The crown of your head is reaching up toward the sky.

3. Lengthen your tailbone toward the floor. Lift your ribs up from the waist. Your feet are firmly rooted on the ground. As you feel your connection to the earth beneath you, you become as steady as a mountain. Slowly lower your hands to your sides.

4. Now take a deep breath, close your eyes, and let yourself feel the sensations in your body. Focus your attention on the waves of sensation until they disappear.

By pausing and becoming aware of your body and the present moment, you’re breaking a conditioned pattern of stimulus-response. As you breathe, your body is reminded of its natural state of harmony and self-regulation, and this grounds you.


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