Six Functional Wellness Tips to Boost Your Energy

Here are my top six tips to boost your energy. These are simple, inexpensive functional wellness focused approaches that are KEY for supporting healthy, balanced energy levels. Read on to learn how you can easily manage the energy crisis going on in your body!

One of the most common responses I get with my health coaching and nutrition clients when we discuss their top 5 health concerns, at the start of our time together – ENERGY!! I have heard every version of – "I have no energy", "Why am I so tired all the time", "How can I have more energy later in the day?", "I NEED my coffee to get through the afternoon", "My energy levels are the worst they've ever been?", "how can I boost my energy?"

This common issue is not unique to my parents, to just women or the folks working long hours – this is probably one of THE MOST universal health issues I see across the board, with all of my clients.

We are dealing with an energy crisis in our own bodies. Crashing after breakfast around 10am, using coffee and energy bars to push through, then there is that dreaded 2pm slump. More coffee. More snacks. And finally, despite a desperate desire to want to hit the gym or that yoga class after work, you simply just can't even. It's not a lack of willpower or motivation, you are simply lacking the energy and there are probably some VERY simple reasons why. Lucky for you, it can be a fairly simple and inexpensive path to remedy this, if you are committed to doing the work and putting in some time to making a few changes.

These are my SIX functional wellness tips to boost your energy and manage the issue on a foundational level rather than simply dealing with the symptoms of fatigue and at times even depression that can result from a lack of energy!! Put down the coffee, energy drinks, bars, bites and balls and let's get to the root of it....


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